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Joonyong Kim

Joonyong Kim is a leading glass artist in Korea. He incorporates a wide variety of skills in glass in his work, showing mastery and developed skills in the trait.

Glass makers are rare in Korea as the cost of operating the facilities is expensive, and in this respect Kim is a pioneer, leading the younger generation.

“I am endlessly fascinated by the malleability of glass; the colours, the juxtaposition of opacity and translucency, the possibilities that glass blowing and glass casting offer, this is what excites me, what spurs me on.”

Kim’s work has been has exhibited internationally in both group and solo exhibitions and is widely collected. In 2013 Kim won silver in the annual International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa, a prominent platform for contemporary glass, in Kanazawa Japan.

The work is in the collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea.