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Wheel-throwing, slip casting
The pieces are thrown on the wheel and then shapes are altered to achieve the final result

Jaenyoung Jang

Jaenyoung Jang studied both in Korea and in the UK (Loughborough University). Currently he runs the ‘Craft Factory’ a ceramic studio in Heyri Art Valley, Gyeonggi Province outside of Seoul. In his ceramic pieces he pursues simplicity in shape, incorporating subtle differences through many compositions. Starting from refined forms, he emphasizes finesse in contours and clean surfaces. His pieces are minimal while experimenting on scale and sensibility.

He is interested in mastering the skill to create utilitarian ceramic wares. He thinks about how to make pieces that are user friendly, making wares that are light and practical. He continues to research in this way to develop utilitarian wares.

His work is in the collection of the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum and others. He has participated in many important exhibitions. Since 2016, he has worked closely with Korea’s leading department store – Shinsegae. His work is popular among high-end consumers of Korea.