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Celadon clay
Hand-building, coiling, wheel-throwing
Inlaying, stamping

Eunbum Lee

Researching and working with celadon, which was made in the Goryeo period, is not easy. However Eunbum Lee has transformed this ancient tradition to fit the contemporary taste. His talent in this genre has been acknowledged through different venues related to celadon. In 2016 he won the Grand Prize at the Gangjin celadon festival. He has also exhibited in major events such as the Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2015 and more. He has gained much experience in making utilitarian ware. His works based on the lotus flower and leaves are appropriate for creating an interesting ambience.

Eunbum Lee re-interprets traditional celadon from a contemporary perspective, attempting to create new forms. The Korean expression, “create the new by mastering the old” means that when you master the old, one should do it to the full, and when you create the new, it should be more than just something new. Master the old without exhaustion and one will become closer to understanding its true nature only then one’s mastery will be genuine. Eunbum Lee always strives to create the best. Enjoying his work is the most important thing. He believes that if he is happy, then positive energy will be reflected in his work. His work is collected by the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum.